10 different ways to do Social media in 2018

10 different ways to do Social media in 2018

Social media is a most powerful way for businesses of all sizes to reach prospects and customers. Also, Marketing was not as simple in the past as it is today. Technology and its uses have changed the marketing strategies. There are several marketing ideas, which are of no use in 2018. Most of the organizations and brands prefer to use social media for their marketing purpose. Great marketing on social media platforms can bring exceptional success to your business.

Below are the several ways how you can do social media marketing more effectively in 2018:

Facebook and Instagram live chat

People like this feature of both social sites because this is the best way to market your product by showing its features in a live chat. Customers really enjoy the live streaming videos in which the companies introduce their products to them. Audiences share these videos with friends and families so that they all can enjoy in this manner.

Links on Instagram

Many of the leading brands are using the URL links in the Instagram stories for their marketing purpose. Similarly, mentions in the stories can also bring more customers to the online shops.

Online conversations

Social media was made to do contact with friends and relatives by easy conversation. Now, these conversations are using for the marketing of the brands. Making connections on social media for the business mean is common. This marketing strategy is benefiting both parties in the same way.

Use of Bit.ly

Bit.ly is used to shorten the URL for the marketing purpose on social networking site. People usually send short URL on messages and comments to promote their products. It is a convenient option; the more users click the link, the more business companies will get.

Get feedback

Feedbacks are essential for every company to improve the quality of their products on the demands of their customers. Discounts and give away are the best way of marketing along with the satisfaction of the customers.

Pinterest showcase

It is a newly introduced feature of the Pinterest. It highlights the board of your business and makes the content eye-catching by it rotation.


It is the most famous feature among the users of Instagram and Twitter. The followers of both social sites use these hashtags to give a primary look at the post.

LinkedIn target audiences

Just like Facebook and other social media spots LinkedIn also has an option of live streaming. Many brands are using it to target the particular customers. It is easy to present content and get business by it. People share the links of the videos with their community and friend’s circle if they liked the product.

Twitter is reliable

Twitter is serving its services for past 11 years. It is a famous social media-networking site where most of the followers and celebrities are real. Companies usually set their brand or product photo as their profile photo along with their website URL on the profile. It is the simple way to market your product and generate business through it.

Snapchat evaluation

Brands like Netflix and Dominos got the business by updating their stories on it. More than 90% companies saw the positive outcome in their sale. It is the trendiest social marketing site of 2017.


Therefore, social media marketing is like a deep well of money for the brands and companies. Companies find infinite customers on social networking sites and produced money by it. Moreover, it is a multipurpose platform for the people.

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Jagdish Prajapat is a professional digital Marketer & SEO expert with the idea of digitizing the way brand talk to people. I breathe digital, think digital and talk digital.

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